Winning feels good. Power your everyday work with Missions.

Forget email reminders, status meetings and rigid tools. Make work and documents move faster and easier with the first ever success platform to organize people around Missions, the way you want.

Turn everyday work into simple,
repeatable Missions

Quickly arrange basic motions—such as review, approve, sign and pay—around a document or work goal to
create a Mission. Then, assign people and dates to each motion and start the ball rolling.

Boost your know-how

Motions and Missions are your building blocks, made to arrange the way you want. They stretch to fit your goal and how it’s best accomplished. It’s real-time success hacking!

Take a break from pushing

People get reminders when actions are due, so you can focus on other things. Check the status of Missions in your dashboard and add motions, reassign roles, or modify dates as needed.

Repeat your success

We let everyone know when the Mission is completed so you can celebrate. For recurring Missions, simply create a template from the last one and assign new people and dates.

Get your Mission going in minutes

You're in control

When you create a Mission, you use motions to create a blueprint for success. Replicate what works best for you and optimize what needs to work better.

See who's doing what

Easily see and manage motions and roles. The activity log records every action on a Mission, and your metrics show progress across the organization.

Invite anyone

You don't have to form a team or a channel. Anyone you invite can come together to do their part—interact with work items, make comments, and complete work.

Celebrate together

Achievements are recognized along the way, and successes are celebrated by everyone. Build trust, grow your reputation, and attain even more success.

Make success a habit

You’re building a success network, so people you haven’t even engaged with yet will also benefit.
Show off your process and success rate to build trust.

Real estate

"I use it to onboard new clients and properties. I can start everyone on their own customized onboarding before they're in our internal systems. Everyone knows what to expect and where they're at in the process."


"I started on a board of directors and within minutes knew exactly what was expected of me—what to sign, learn, and do—and what other people were doing. I felt like I'd been on the board for months because all the processes were on there."


"My firm gets paid when we settle a case so the more time we spend in paperwork, the less money we make. Getting junior clerks up-to-speed on day one means we can take on more cases."


Over 50k hours have been saved by our happy customers


Over 150k reminder emails didn’t need to be sent

Transparency and trust

Integrated with the document storage and business networks you already use,
you also get transaction verification built in with Blockchain.

Deep domain expertise

You’re set up for success with our partners' people-centric templates,
verifiable system of record, and industry-specific process expertise.

Work requirements

ProContext is using advanced user research methods to turn informal work processes and hidden practices into Mission templates.

Blockchain verification

CryptoWerk is leveraging the distributed power of Blockchain to seal, verify and exchange trusted data worldwide, at scale.

Legal process

UpLevel Ops is helping law firms and legal professionals improve the way they work with technology systems.

Make your success repeatable

We’re looking for success leaders who are ready to do simple, repeatable processes faster!

Our billion-hour challenge

We’re on a mission to save people over a billion hours


By empowering them to organize, optimize, and automate their own business success.

The magic sauce is our 12 basic business motions that can be arranged to make up any success journey. Dates are added, people are assigned, and then everyone collects wins and watches the progress towards the final goal! Adjustments can be made along the way and repeatable success is as easy as creating a template.

Our small but diverse team of curious people is working hard to create value for our customers. We’re drawing from our passion for consumer apps and experience with the complexity and constraints of enterprise software, to take the consumerization of enterprise to a completely new level.

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HQ in Silicon Valley, CA

Built in the USA, loved around the world

“Our people-powered success platform empowers people in business the way consumer apps have for health, shopping, or entertainment.

What if people could track their achievements at work, week by week, then personalize and optimize how they work to reach their full potential?”

Tim Bussiek, CEO and Co-Founder, Bipronum Tweet
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