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Organize and automate your own business success to create repeatable business success with others the way you want.

The first people-powered success platform

What is personal business success?

Whether for yourself or a company, you need a proven way to coordinate with people across organizations to complete transactions, review work, or finalize agreements. Enterprise software doesn't work the way you want, and consumer tools can only get you part of the way there.

Our success platform delivers on the value drivers that help you create, sustain, and grow your business.

Structure and automation

"I need to get business done, quickly and accurately, and then do it again with different parties."

People first

"I need it to work for me, my way. I don’t want to be forced to use tools and processes that don’t work for me."

Business outcomes

"I need processes that are going to affect my bottom line by saving me time and making me money."

Create your own success platform


Use a template or our pre-built motions to assemble your success journey. Drop people in the right roles and add dates. Then start the ball rolling!


Watch as people complete their actions to move the Winflow towards the finish line. Adjust dates, change participants, or add a new motion as needed.


Achievements are recognized along the way, and successes are celebrated by everyone. Build trust, grow your reputation, and attain even more success.


See how your efforts make a difference, day-by-day. Individual and collective success metrics help you better understand, optimize, and grow your business.

Personal success at your fingertips

Getting started is easy

Whether you're looking to get a deal signed, put together a marketing event, or onboard a new employee, success is just a few clicks away.

Integrated with the document storage and business networks you already use. We’ve also built in Blockchain verification for security now and into the future.

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Our billion-hour challenge

We’re on a mission to save people over a billion hours


By empowering them to organize, optimize, and automate their own business success.

The magic sauce is our 12 basic business motions that can be arranged to make up any success journey. Dates are added, people are assigned, and then everyone collects wins and watches the progress towards the final goal! Adjustments can be made along the way and repeatable success is as easy as creating a template.

Our small but diverse team of curious people is working hard to create value for our customers. We’re drawing from our passion for consumer apps and experience with the complexity and constraints of enterprise software, to take the consumerization of enterprise to a completely new level.

We’re looking for software rebels!  Come work with us

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